(30.08.1953– 09.03.2016)



“Perseverant, like a dedicated disciple, in his search for his vocation, Nick Sava embraced art as his second identity. Post-impressionist in structure, often remarkable through theme, he excelled in inspired compositions where colour was the height of his talent. Using a certain harmony of colours in his vivid, youthful, enviable creations, yet intuitive and intense, Nick Sava knew how to etch the image, beyond time and space, his own story, his tumultuous and implausible destiny, tragically interrupted.”  (MARINA NIKOLAEV)


Nick Sava was born in 1953, in Brasov, Romania. From a young age he was deeply passionate about art, drawing, painting, even though initially he pursued a career in engineering graduating in1981from University of Transilvania, Brasov, Romania. In 1986he completed the art program at the Art School in Brasov, class of Alexandrina Ghetie. During the1980’s he had a number of exhibitions and won several prizes. He immigrated to Canada in 1991 after a one year stop in Czech Republic as a political refugee. In Canada he furthered his engineering education at Norther Alberta Institute of Technology and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. He combined his engineering skills with his artistic talent and became a lighting designer. While in Canada he lived and worked in Edmonton, Whitehorse, and Vancouver. From 1999 to 2002 he lived in Seattle, Washington where he had a work contract. Art never left Nick, he continued to paint and to write, albeit to a lesser extent. He was one of the founders of the BC Romanian Community Centre and was the Editor of the Romanian magazine in Vancouver, Atheneum, from 2001 until 2008 when he moved back to Romania. On his return to Romania, he focused again on his artistic passions. In 2011 he graduated from George Enescu University, Faculty of Arts – Pedagogy Class, Iasi Romania. He taught arts ata junior high school in his home town, Brasov, but ultimately he had to give up teaching due topartial loss of his eyesight. He would spend his final years mainly writing, as he so loved, in Iasi, Romania until he passed away in 2016.

The Paths of Colours:




Artist’s Statement

“I can’t remember when I started painting, but around fifth, sixth grade I would draw portraits of actors (movie actors, singers – but also of NichitaStanescu, Romanian poet and essayist). In eighth grade I drew my classmates’ portraits, along with landscaping and still-life.

No one ever urged me to a attend an art school so I attended a science oriented high school, along with most of my elementary school classmates. After graduation and an unsuccessful attempt to enroll in an art institute, I became an engineer and my career took a completely different path. Only after 1983 did I go back to my old passion, painting, first as a hobby, then attending courses, winning prizes, selling work – from there on concentrating on studying art. You are never too old to dedicate yourself to the passion of your life! Lately, I am fond of another passion of mine: writing. In seven years I wrote eight books and dozens of articles, the majority of which were published. Even though painting will always be nearest to my heart, writing will never leave me.

Through painting, I developed my own technique, often unique, which can be categorized (probably) in the neo-expressionist movement. Without leaving the reality completely, I give value to the expression of colour. Often, I use pure, bright colours, that enriches (say some) the gray canvas. Still-life is rather a framework which inspires meditation, identifies feelings, enhancesour living space with simple but meaningful objects. The major theme which pervades like a red thread in my creation, either in writing or in painting, is communication. It is often chosen by many to hide reality, but when it is sincere, it enriches. It is said that in the beginning it was the Word – and it should be with us until the end. Colour is often a more sincere and true Word. All we have to do is open our hearts to it!” (Nick Sava, Iasi, Romania)

 Nick Sava – Artist:

 Personal Exhibitions:

2010 – 2011– Bucuvina Lodge, Vama, Suceava, Romania

2002 – 2007- BC Romanian Community Centre New Westminster, BC Canada

1989 – UAPA Gallery, Braşov


Group Exhibitions:

2011 – “Ion Neagoe” Galleries, CCD, Iaşi, Romania

2011 – “Th. Pallady” Galleries, Iaşi, Romania

2011 – “ARTIS” Annual Art Salon, World Trade Center Galleries, Iaşi, Romania

2010 – Moldova Mall Galleries, Iaşi, Romania

2010 – “ARTIS” Annual Art Salon, World Trade Center Galleries, Iaşi, Romania

2009 – “ARTIS” Annual Art Salon, World Trade Center Galleries, Iaşi, Romania

2009 – Hand Club, Iasi, Romania

2005 – Massey Theatre Gallery, New Westminster, BC Canada

2005 – Queen’s Park Gallery, New Westminster, BC Canada

2004 – Evergreen Community Centre, Coquitlam, BC Canada

2004 – Massey Theatre Gallery, New Westminster, BC Canada

2003 – Massey Theatre Gallery, New Westminster, BC Canada

2002 – Michale J. Fox Theater, Burnaby, BC Canada

1989 – Braşov Romania

1988 – Braşov, Romania

1988 – Tg. Mureş, Romania

1988 – Sibiu, Romania

1986 – Braşov, Romania

1986 –  Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

1985 – Braşov, Romania



1989 1st Prize, National Festival, Romania

1984-1989 six 1st prizes in Braşov (district) Festival

1988 2nd Prize Art Festival for Young Artists, Romania

1987 3rd Prize, National Festival, Romania



Nick Sava- Pictură-Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata

NICK SAVA- PICTURĂ- Johann Sebastian Bach-Concerto in A Minor for 4 Harpischord BWV1065

Nick Sava, Pictură – Anton Bruckner – video, Gabi Schuster – (1/2)

Nick Sava, Pictură – George Enescu – video, Gabi Schuster – (2/2)

Nick Sava Paintings

Nick Sava – Pictură – lucrări 2011

Nick Sava – writer:


2016 – GOLF, manuscript

2015 – „Tehnica picturii în Acrylic” („The technique of painting in acrylic”), published 2015, PIM, Iaşi

2015  – „Cartea cu povestiri”  („The book of stories”) fiction stories; the apprenticeship of a journalist, published 2015, PIM, Iaşi

2015 – „O zi obişnuită” („A typical day”), play script, 2009 Published in Theatre, 2015, PIM, Iaşi

2015 – „Un han pentru toate timpurile – Căutarea lui Harap Alb II” („ An inn for all times -Searching for Harap-Alb II”) fiction, 2015, published 2015,  PIM,  Iaşi

2015 – „Recitind Cartea” („Re-reding the Book”), essays, 2009-2010, published 2015, PIM, Iaşi

2015  – „Prin Turcia, cu Biblia în mînă” („Through Turkey, with the Bible in hand”), travelling journal, 2010, published 2015, PIM, Iaşi

2008 – „Fiul lui Dumnezeu” („ The son of God”) historical fiction, 2008, published 2015, PIM Iaşi

2008 – „Fericirea de Dincolo” („ Happiness from the beyond”) essays (2002-2008), published 2008, Tehnopress, Iaşi, România

2007 – „Taraba cu vise” (The Stand with dreams”), fiction based on a true story, 2007, published 2015,  PIM, Iaşi

2006 – „Pe un tărîm străin – Căutarea lui  Harap Alb I” (On a strange land- Searching for Harap-Alb I), fiction 2006, Published 2009, 2nd ed. 2015, Atheneum Vancouver, Canada/PIM Iaşi, România

2003 – „În care Păcală” (About Pacala), retold stories about Pacala, Published 2003, „Dealul cu melci”, Braşov,  România2001 – 2008-Editor, Atheneum Magazine Vancouver, Canada

Essays/articles published in:  „Dacia literară”, „Atheneum”(BC), „Nautilus”,  „Argeş”,  „Timpul”, „Junimea Studenţească”, „Faleze de piatră”, „Atheneum”, „Grupul celor 7”, „Alchemia”.

Prizes and Distinctions:

2009Certificate of execlence for literary arts at science fiction Colloquy – SI Avangarda „Iaşi 600+ Quasar30”, 5-7 June 2009

2010Prize of  “Dacia literară” magazine, the national literary contest “Ion Creangă” – Stories, Muzeum “Ion Creangă”, Iaşi

Member of „Quasar-UNESCO”, Iaşi =since 2009